Can we request songs?

Yes! We announce our song request website on the night and take requests electronically. We also have QR code cards that link to the website.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! Often as an incentive we offer 8% off discount codes for confirmed bookings within a limited time to guests who use the song request website on the night.

Why do weddings cost more money? Isn’t it the same thing?

Weddings cost more primarily because of the additional preparation time that goes on behind the scenes and additional equipment used. During face to face consultations, we determine what music is needed, what time the bride and groom will be arriving at the venue as we will try and set up well before arrival. It involves communication with the venue to supply safety documents and a pre-visit to determine what equipment is needed to ensure the atmosphere is right on the day.

What if I have a low budget?

We will try our best to meet your budget but we put a value on what we do. You can choose a lower cost package but there will be some compromises. Depending on what package you choose, you may be happy for us to choose the music based on what genres you want played such as R&B, Motown, Afrobeats or Soulful House. We can make recommendations based on the size of venue and tailor our packages to meet your budget.

What are some of the hidden costs?

Here’s a list of some of the costs and subscriptions:
Music Record Pool – to keep the music current
Public Liability Insurance & PAT testing
Equipment Insurance & maintenance
Fuel, parking & car maintenance costs
Preparation of playlists and logistic arrangements such as pre-visits
Organisation and creative skills gained through training and experience
Marketing and advertising costs

Why are your prices higher than other quotes?

We are a professional DJ company with over 30 years experience and our past customers have been 100% satisfied with our high standard of service. It’s not just about playing music but the full end-to-end customer service experience. We understand the business and put a value on our service which we feel is reasonable. We make recommendations that clients might not have taken into consideration. A cheap DJ may only play in the bedroom or don’t have safety or insurance documents. They may not understand how to work to the crowd and it would be very risky having a bedroom DJ playing at your wedding.